Fireside Feast

Chilly weekends in February can be depressingly grey and dreary. Not this weekend!

All wrapped up in blankets and bobble hats, we spent a lovely afternoon on a friend's farm cooking up a feast of sausages, jacket potatoes and hearty stew in a proper cauldron over an open fire.

The Little Wild One lived up to her name, fascinated by the flames, she danced around singing 'the fire party, the fire party!'. She warmed her little hands and very bossily made everyone else do the same.

There is something so natural and instinctive about gathering together with friends and family to cook outside on an open fire - good for the soul - and the belly! Yum!

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  1. good for you, I think outdoor cooking at any time of year is great and in winter you have the bonus of the fire keeping you warm! Thank you for sharing on Country Kids

  2. It was a chilly day but I love cooking outside, brings you right back to basics!

  3. Gathering around an open fire is such a great way to enjoy the outdoors in winter!