About our little family

Welcome to our blog! We are very pleased that you are here!

We are a British/Swiss family, living in the UK. We try to take some time each week to appreciate the world around us and be as kind to the environment as we can. We love to explore the countryside, go on camping trips, grow vegetables, visit the seaside and take walks along the river near our home.

This blog is about children and nature and growing a green family.

We passionately believe that all children should be encouraged to make a life-long connection with nature. Studies show that playing outdoors, breathing in the fresh air and generally getting mucky can improve a child's health, development and overall well-being. Time spent in nature can calm even the loudest and craziest of children - a category our little wild one certainly falls into! Find out more by reading my guest post over at We Are Wildness, Inspiring Little Wild Ones: 7 ways to encourage children to connect with nature.

We hope you enjoy reading our blog. Why not leave us a comment and say hello?

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