Rewild your life (days 7-9)

This month we are taking part in Rewild Your Life - a 30 day challenge to get outside, breath in some fresh air and develop a deeper connection with nature.

We'll be spending 30 minutes each day throughout June following the list of activities sent to us by the Rewild team. The aim of the activities is to help us to learn simple ways to express our wild sides in new and unexpected ways - read about our experiences on the first 6 days here.

For days 7, 8 and 9 we were challenged to deepen our connection with the elements that exist all around us.

Day 7 - Earth
7 June 

This was an easy one for us today - we love earth (or dirt, or soil or growing matter or whatever you want to call it) and we're never afraid to get mucky! We spend about half an hour each day pottering around the veg patch at the bottom of the garden and it is always amazing to see how quickly our crops grow and change, taking the minerals and nutrients from the earth they are rooted in. Later on in the summer, when we are tucking in to our potatoes, courgettes, runner beans and tomatoes, I'll try to remember these important early days and I'll remind my family that 'we are the earth!' as we enjoy our 5-a-day. 

Day 8 - Air
8 June 

I immediately thought of the sea breeze and of the wind blowing in from a far away land. Most of time we go about our daily lives, breathing in and out, trusting our lungs to take in clean and healthy air in order to keep us alive. But by the sea, you can feel the air as it brushes your skin. As I sat on the beach this evening, I thought that the sea breeze was reminding me not to take it for granted and to be mindful for a few minutes of the air entering and leaving my body in a steady rhythm, just like the waves lapping the shore. 

Day 9 - Fire
9 June 

Today's instructions from the Rewild team were to soak up some rays and appreciate the warmth we get from the sunlight. Afterall, we depend on the sun to give us energy and without it we would be nothing but a frozen lump of lifeless rock. Luckily today was a beautiful sunny day! We held some stones and noticed how they retained the heat. I thought about holidays I've had in hot countries where the ground gets so hot that you can't walk across it barefoot - or at least you need to keep moving very quickly!

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