Rewild your Life (days 17 - 19)

This month we are taking part in Rewild Your Life - a 30 day challenge to get outside, breath in some fresh air and develop a deeper connection with nature.

We'll be spending 30 minutes each day throughout June following the list of activities sent to us by the Rewild team. The aim of the activities is to help us to learn simple ways to express our wild sides in new and unexpected ways - read about our experiences on the first 6 days here.

Here is what we got up to on days 17 to 19 ... 

Day 17 - Create Art
17 June 

Make something in nature with nature. Here is my selfie in stones! 

Day 18 - Human connection
18 June

My dad and my daughter skimming stones. Special moments, special people.

Day 19 - Be invisible
19 June

I sat very still in this field, listening to the sky larks singing above me and the wind rustling through the crops.

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